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July 12, 2024 in Innovation in Surgery and Medicine, Uncategorized

Plastic Surgery

Nadia Kruger What is Plastic Surgery? The word “plastic” finds its origin in the Greek word “plastikos”, meaning “to mould or give form”. Thus, one can infer that plastic surgery... Read More
May 25, 2024 in Innovation in Surgery and Medicine, Uncategorized

Colorectal Surgery

Catherine Joseph What is Colorectal Surgery? Colorectal surgery is the medical specialty that focuses on conditions that affect your colon, rectum, and anus such as inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, and... Read More

TSSS is one of a kind and focuses on all the needs of medical students. It has become a bridge between theory and clinical knowledge and will play a key role in the development of future clinicians. It is a privilege to be a part of it.

Eugene MbokaneMBChB IV (2019)

TSSS is an incredible society for medical students to learn new and exciting skills. It gives us the perfect platform to enhance our medical knowledge and keep us motivated for our future surgical careers.

Saman AkhtarMBChB III (2019)

TSSS has provided me with a platform to share my love of surgery with other students and learn from their skills and experiences. Even as a "junior" student there are numerous opportunities catered to my level of experience to develop my skills and knowledge.

AnonymousMBChB II

TSSS is a collaboration of students who share the same passion, excitement and dreams for their surgical careers. The workshops, lecture series and outreaches have given me the opportunity to improve my skills and confidence. TSSS goes the extra mile to prepare us for our future, while making meaningful contributions to people’s lives along the way.

Madeleine PratMBChB III (2019)

If you're interested in pursuing your studies in surgery, then TSSS is the place to start preparing your career.

Tolerance MatsaneMBChB IV (2019)

TSSS cultivates a love for practical medicine in each of its members. So much so, that when rare opportunities present themselves (in my case helping a leopard-attack victim during my third year elective), we feel comfortable to participate in the management of patients.

Tiaan van der MerweMBChB IV (2019)

I love that TSSS has provided me with an opportunity to help my community while being able to learn new surgical skills.

Anonymous MBChB III (2019)

TSSS has given me so many opportunities. Not just to develop my skills and broaden my knowledge, but also opportunities to meet new people from various years that I am proud to call friends.

Janet van der WaldtMBChB III (2019)