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“It is the surgeon’s duty to tranquillize the temper, to beget cheerfulness, and to impart confidence of recovery.”

 – Sir Astley Paston Cooper

TSSS is a student society focused on the promotion of surgical skills amongst medical students of the University of Pretoria.

Any medical student currently registered at the university can become a member. The society will be organising skills workshops, on topics such as suturing and radiography. There will also be lecture series given by prominent surgeons and other forms of educational experiences.

Item No.

01. Advance

Advance the science and art of surgery

Item No.

02. Maintain

Maintain the honour and interests of the surgical profession

Item No.

03. Opportunities

Provide adequate opportunities for medical students to be exposed to the surgical field

Item No.

04. Develop

Promote the development of the skills necessary for advancing the techniques and abilities of surgeons at an undergraduate level

Item No.

05. Promote

Promote a high standard of surgical care

Item No.

06. Liase

Liaise with other surgical society’s country wide and eventually worldwide to create global exchange opportunities

Item No.

07. Mentorship

Establish a mentorship programme between medical students interested in the field of surgery as well as between those students, surgical students and identified, mentoring surgeons willing to teach and mentor

Item No.

08. Research

Conduct and partake in research for the advancement of surgery in Africa

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